The Low Level Bag/Sack Palletiser.

The bags are fed through a bag flattener with pacing conveyor to the bag turner and onto the pattern forming conveyor to be arranged in bag rows. The rowpusher shifts the bag rows onto the stripping plate of the layer hoist. After completion of a layer, the palletising cycle commences automatically. Loaded-pallet discharge and empty-pallet infeed from the pallet dispenser are automatic operations. All operations are programme controlled.

No. 1 Bag Flattener depending on the product either...

a) a belt conveyor with incorporated vibrating table and smoothing plate or

b) a press belt, adjustable in height

No. 2 Bag Turner Conveyor with bag turner
Overhead turning device with flaps, to rotate the bags as required, to form the pattern with gentle bag handling.
No. 3 Pattern Forming Conveyor
Driven belt conveyor and row pusher for forming the bag rows and shifting them onto the stripping plate. No physical contact occurs between the bags. The bags are not distorted and remain in shape.
No. 4 Layer Hoist
Hoist and stripping plate with lateral bag alignment bars and layer holdback to set the layer.
No. 5 Pallet Dispenser
Automatic infeed of pallets.