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High Level Bag/Sack Palletisers

The bags are fed through a bag flattener with pacing conveyor to the bag turner and onto the pattern forming conveyor to be arranged in bag rows. The row pusher shifts the bag rows onto the split-stripping plate. After a layer is complete, it is palletised.


No. 1... Bag Flattener This product is spread in the bag by means of vibration and smoothing plate or flattened by a hight adjustable press belt.

No. 2... Bag Turner

Conveyor with bag turner
No. 3... Pattern Forming

Conveyor Driven belt conveyor and row pusher for forming the bag rows and shifting them onto the split-stripping plate. No physical contact occurs between the bags. The bags are not distorted and remain in shape.

No. 4...Pallet Dispenser


Automatic infeed of pallets.



Config 1... High Level. High Speed Sack Palletiser


Config 2... High Level. High Speed Sack Palletiser