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The High Level Case/Box Palletiser.

The cases are delivered from a skewed live-roller conveyor to the palletiser and are grouped in rows under software control by case allocator and case turning device. Spacers can provide gaps in conveying direction. The continuously circulating row pusher shifts the rows onto the splittype stripping plate opens to both sides and can pull gaps transverse to the pallet conveying direction. The layer is received by the pallet or previous layer directly below the stripping plate. Loaded-pallet discharge and empty pallet infeed are automatic operations.


No. 1 Skewed Live-Roller Conveyor
The cases are aligned to one side by means of skewed rollers.
No. 2 Infeed Roller Conveyor
Roller conveyor with allocator and case turning device.
No. 3 Layer Forming Conveyor
Live-roller conveyor with row pusher and stop bar for forming case rows and shifting them onto the stripping plate.
No. 4 Stripping Plate
Each case layer is arranged and aligned on the split-type stripping plate which opens from the centre to both sides thus depositing the case layer.
No. 5 Pallet Dispenser
Automatic Pallet Infeed System.